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Filled with inspirational images and information, your website showcases the best your destination has to offer. But how do you lead your digital visitors on the journey from inspiration to conversion?

Presented with your member’s latest offers customers can purchase vouchers to lock in todays’ deals without leaving your website-enticing them to stay in your destination longer.



Offer, timeframe, quantity and fine print. Your members are in total control, able to create, edit and remove all deals in real time. Payment is automatic, deposited upon purchase with Stripe.

With no start-up fees, an aiva fee less than they pay to a travel agent and merchant fees included in the price, you can ensure your member’s best deals can be found on your site.

Happy customers, members and partners are just the start. aiva collects essential customer insights, helping your members target their promotions and yours!

Negotiate commission rates for each voucher or use it as a membership enticement. (Your commission could discount operator’s membership costs or simply waive it all together).

Add our Recommender* function and your destination website will create customised itineraries filled with your destination’s products, services and activities while gathering key consumer data. You’ll know why they are visiting, who they are travelling with, how many nights they want to stay, when they want to travel and where they are coming from.

*Recommender pricing upon request

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Use aiva to invite like minded businesses to sell their vouchers on your website... smart move! You’ll have a bigger range to offer your website visitors and in return you can offer commission to the partner business. Remember you are in total control of your sales channels. 

You are in total control of the offer, time-frame, quantity and fine print. You can promote vouchers on your website, or promote through your email and direct campaigns. Once a customer buys or gifts a voucher, we deliver it instantly 

Take your marketing to the next level by inviting other like-minded businesses to sell your vouchers on their website—you can choose who, what and the commission amount. You have a bigger reach and more exposure and sales and they get commission and value add to their experience.

With a number of integrations and clear instructions, your customers will know how to redeem the voucher.

When a 3rd party business/organisation sells your voucher, aiva will distribute the monies and fees as per your agreed commission rate with the business. Payouts are fully automated.


Access all aiva’s features with our simple, pay-as-you-go pricing:

  • Everything your members need to manage and distribute vouchers
  • No start-up, ongoing or hidden fees
  • Includes payment gateway/merchant fees
  • Ongoing feature updates included

Both the aiva fee and the 3rd Party commission are deducted from the voucher transaction and distributed to all parties automatically.

Members short on time or all tech-ed out?  Team aiva can do the set-up for them.

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It’s quick, inexpensive, simple and smart. Ten minutes is all it takes to sign-up and upload your first voucher. Eternal happiness awaits. The clock is ticking!


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It's quick, inexpensive, simple and smart. Ten minutes is all it takes to sign-up and upload your first voucher.


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