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once upon a time...

A wicked witch cast an evil spell and unleashed a nasty virus. A pandemic swept across the land and all good people were banished to their houses, locked down until a vaccination was found.

Some people used the time to bake sourdough, others took up crafts. But a small group of fellows turned their attention to more pressing tasks. How to help tourism operators strengthen their offering without the cost of high commissions?

aiva was born!

Today aiva’s family has grown, but the goal remains the same.

aiva voucher system

the girls and boys of team aiva

Tracey Patterson

chief cheerleader

Tracey has taken aiva under her wing. Helping her grow from a bouncing baby, to a teething toddler and into the sassy teen she is today. With a passion for tech and over 35 years in Tourism and Hospitality, Tracey’s knowledge and experience are invaluable on Team aiva.

David Thompson

David Thompson

Boss of all Things

With 25 years of tourism and hospitality experience including Senior and General Management positions, David has now turned his attention to developing technology to help the industry thrive.

Louise Frend

aiva's BFF

Frend by name, friend by nature! Louise is a seasoned pro in the tourism and marketing industries, bringing a wealth of marketing knowledge to Team aiva. What more can you ask from a true friend!

Andy Dharmani

Lord of Tech

A passionate technologist, Andy has the vision and ability to create new products aiding the success and growth of tourism and hospitality.

Chris Shotton - Flamingo Wrangler

Chris Shotton

flamingo wrangler

Chris is all about customer care, ensuring operators experience a world of rainbows and unicorns. With extensive hospitality experience Chris brings a customer centric approach to team aiva.

Jitender Kumar

Jitender Kumar

Full stack magician

Jitender leads the architecture and development of aiva creating the features that our customer’s demand.

Heath McOrist

lead door knocker

Strong, respected sales professional, Heath loves helping grow his client’s business. Swapping his sand wedge for a surfboard in a return to Oz, Team aiva benefits from his extensive hospitality knowledge.

aiva is the latest development from the team at Book Me Bob, known for producing artificial intelligence solutions for the hospitality and tourism industry.

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